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Yoga Journal's Yoga Basics

The Essential Beginner's Guide to Yoga For a Lifetime of Health and Fitness

Editors of Yoga Journal

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Yoga Zone Yoga for Life

An Intermediate Guide to Health, Fitness, and Relaxation

Al Bingham

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Yoga Zone Introduction to Yoga

A Beginner's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Relaxation

Al Bingham

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Yoga Therapy

A Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Yoga and Ayurveda for Health and Fitness

A.G. Mohan

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Play Better Golf with Easy Yoga

Yoga Fitness for Maximum Performance

Patricia Bacall

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The Complete Yoga Book

Yoga Of Breathing; Yoga Of Posture; Yoga Of Mediation

James Hewitt

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Science & Philosophy of Teaching Yoga & Yoga Therapy

The Complete Manual for Yoga Teachers, Students & Practitioners

Jacqueline Koay

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Glimpses of Raja Yoga

An Introduction to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (Yoga Wisdom Classics)

Vimala Thakar

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Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali

Containing His Yoga Aphorisms with Vyasa's Commentary in Sanskrit and a Translation with Annotations Including Many Suggestions for the Practice of Yoga

P. N. Mukherji


Yoga for Beginners

The Daily Guide of Basic Yoga Poses and Exercises for Beginning Students (Private Yoga Lessons) (Volume 1)

Michelle Nicole

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Shadow Yoga, Chaya Yoga

The Principles of Hatha Yoga

Shandor Remete

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Guiding Yoga's Light

Yoga Lessons for Yoga Teachers

Nancy Gerstein

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Your journal of Yoga

A journal for yoga teachers to keep track of their yoga classes, lesson plans, personal practice, workshops attended, and much more.

April Farrell-Hasty

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Yoga For Beginners

Essential Poses For Yoga Beginners - Become A Yoga Expert With The Best Yoga Poses For Flexibility

Amy Gilchrist

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The Guide To Yoga Weight Loss For Women: Daily Yoga Positions For Weight Loss In Minutes

Stacey Milescu

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The Everything Yoga Book (Everything (Sports & Fitness))

Cynthia Worby

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